Welcome to Winemaking Pantry

Our Story


Since  2009, our mission has been to create a product that caters to all audience's palates. Not only can you taste and purchase our craft wines,  you can also learn to make wine tailored to you using grapes from all over the world. We guide you through the entire process from choosing your specific wine, to fermentation and blending,  bottling and corking, and finish with your own custom labels. Winemaking is perfect for many occasions, including personal use, wedding gifts, corporate or non-corporate parties, or a great excuse to begin a hobby with friends! 

Our Land


We procure all of our grapes from the best vineyards in Napa Valley, Alexander Valley, and Madeira Valley, California. 

Our Wines


Our wines are all naturally sulfited, with no added preservatives. The wines are organically prepared, creating a much healthier and enjoyable experience.